Preparing for an Exam Phase 3: Tips for Studying

Preparing for an Exam Phase 3: Tips for Studying provides some tips if you must study alone.

Now that you know when, how often, and where you’re studying, here are some tips for actually studying.

Tip #5: Study

Planning your study is great, but now you actually have to study. And the best way to keep calm during an exam is to have studied before the exam.


As discussed in Preparing for an Exam Phase 1: Create a Study Routine, truly learning something does not come from cramming on the day of the exam. To retain knowledge properly, you should repeatedly go over the material.

To be calm in an exam, you must have confidence in your own knowledge.

wikiHow‘s article “How to Study for Exams” says

Self confidence is important. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t study hard.

Tip #6: Create a rewards system

If you’re morally against studying with others, then create a rewards system for when you study alone.


Rewards should be small and often, like an M&M every time you get a part of a question right. Or if you’re reading through notes, set a small lolly or mini chocolate bar at intervals throughout the text, so when you finish reading a section, you get a treat.

If you’re studying alone, you need to discipline yourself so that you don’t just eat all the rewards (assuming you’ve chosen to use edible rewards) without studying.

This is where a study buddy would come in handy (unless they’re as undisciplined as you are).

Tip #7: Create fun ways of remembering information

Personalising interesting ways of remembering information is great.

Just like in The Simpsons’ episode Realty Bites when Marge becomes a realty agent and her and the kids make a song to help her study for her exam, so should you make up songs and other fun ways of remembering information.

Personally, I find acronyms work well (as long as you remember what they stand for).



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