Photo101: Day 05

Day 05: Solitude


Freedom after a ride.


The state of being or living alone.

To some, solitude might evoke images of lonelines; to others, solitude might be heavenly, or something they don’t get enough of.

I captured this image directly after riding Lucky, so this instance of solitude could represent freedom.

As the daily tip suggested, I used the rule of thirds to highlight the empty space and therefore enhance the theme of solitude.

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Photo101: Day 04

Day 04: Bliss


Bliss is being reunited.

When thinking about what bliss means to me, my mind went to a really good day riding my pony – it’s satisfying to ride him, but fulfilling when he’s responsive and obedient.

I knew I was going to ride him this afternoon, so I planned to take a photo when I went over.

Turns out he was perfect today, even after not being ridden for two days. He was so good, and I was in such a good mood, that I completely forgot to take a photo.

I’m riding again tomorrow afternoon, so I will update this post with a “photo of bliss” then.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of Lucky looking rather disgruntled about his hairstyle.


Lucky isn’t a fan of the plait.

Until next time