Hump Day (entry 9)

Happy Hump Day.

I hope yours was as relaxing as mine.

I am still taking advantage of having no set schedule – sleep ins are the best.

Last night I was in need of some dessert and, since there is no ice cream left, I decided to try to find a super quick and super easy to make dessert. The chocolate gods smiled on me.

A self-saucing chocolate pudding.

A self-saucing chocolate pudding.

I found a recipe for a self-saucing chocolate pudding/cake that you can make in about 10 minutes, 15 minutes at the most. And it serves around 6 people, and that’s with quite large servings.

The ingredients you need should be pantry staples in most peoples’ kitchens, which is also a bonus.

But this is a microwave dessert, so if you’re not into zapping your food, this might not be the recipe for you.

Go to the recipe.

I went in for my MRI last night. I handled it much better than I thought, even though the machine is a lot skinnier than I thought it would be, so it was a much smaller space than I anticipated.

The good thing about it was that because I had to get my hip and lower back scanned, my head poked out of the machine, so I didn’t really have anything to worry about.

(I did go in backwards – feet first – for my back scan because I didn’t want to have my head covered; I would had to have put my head in a plastic thing so my head didn’t move, and that wasn’t happening, either.)

The results will be sent to my GP and the sports physician I saw last week by tomorrow, and I have already booked an appointment with the physio for Friday to go over the scans.

He did get what he wanted, – the physio – which was for me to have the scan while my hip was sore; my hip is still sore now. I had a few falls Monday night at training, which probably knocked it around a bit.

I had a few more – harder – falls tonight at training, so hopefully my hip will remain sore for my appointment on Friday. I feel really weird hoping that I am in pain, but I do want to find out what’s going on with my hip.

Plans for tomorrow: I am going to attempt to bake my first loaf of bread, and fruit bread at that.

MasterChef Australia 2012 reruns are on daytime TV, and that’s what the contestants were taught to cook in one of their master classes, so full credit to MasterChef for the recipe that you will see tomorrow or Friday.


Until next time


Hump Day (entry 8)

Happy Hump Day.

I hope yours is as enjoyable as mine has been.


This Hump Day was pretty relaxed, especially since it contained a sleep-in and donuts.

Sorry, I ate them before I could snap a picture.

Tomorrow is officially my last day of university for 2014. Starting at 7:30pm tomorrow night, I embark upon a four-month holiday, since I don’t start uni again until late-February next year.

I get bored easily, so I always welcome semester one with open arms.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if I will be working at Australia Post over the holidays.

Although I received a call about induction yesterday, I was also asked to choose between several afternoon and night shifts after I had previously been told I could work the day shift, which is 11am – 4pm.

Apparently, their shifts change, but they still need employees to have full Monday to Friday availability – that would mean missing two to three months of skating lessons and training.

So, in lieu of working at Australia Post, I’m hoping to get that casual position at Officeworks that I applied for a few weeks ago. Since my availability has dramatically changed, I sent their HR team an email with my updated details. Hopefully their recruitment process is still going.

I’ve also started applying for casual and holiday positions again.


Until next time

Hump Day (entry 7)

Happy (late) Hump Day.

I hope yours kept you as busy as mine did.


A welcome sleep in saw yesterday start off quite slowly, but pick up it did.

I finalised my magazine feature rewrite and printed it, ready for submission today.

I continued drafting the second part of Corporate Writing and Editing’s portfolio.

I caught up with the email Absolute Internship sent in answer of my questioning one, and researched the program further.

I washed the dishes, went out for ingredients, baked cupcakes, went out for more ingredients, and washed the dishes again.

And then I went to my three and a half hour Wednesday night skating training, at the end of which I had my first lesson since my coach came home from Spain.


Apologies for the length, or lack thereof – there will be a more detailed update tomorrow.


Until next time

Hump Day (entry 6)

Happy Hump Day.

I hope yours is as satisfying as mine has been.


I have some exciting news.


I’m a Christmas casual for Aus Post!

I received an email earlier confirming that I have passed all the pre-employment checks and will be working at one of Australia Post’s sorting centres over the Christmas holidays.

First Oktoberfest, now Australia Post – I might be able to afford everyone’s Christmas presents.

Hopefully I will also get a call back from Officeworks regarding my application for casual employment – that would be the incredible icing on the cake.

Uni update

I just completed the first draft of the commentary section for my Corporate Writing and Editing portfolio. Now I just need to create the website redesigns in Adobe InDesign at university tomorrow. Hopefully I can power through it and get most of the pages completed before I work Friday to Sunday at Oktoberfest.

My boyfriend is being considered for a job in the packing area at Mum’s work – they need a new staff member. Hopefully he gets a call sometime in the near future.

Printer update

You might remember from last week’s Hump Day post that my printer broke down halfway through printing my 133-page portfolio for another subject.

Good news – Dad’s close family friend is holding a printer for us at an electronics store that he works at. Dad is going to pick it up on Saturday.

New room update

My boyfriend is going to buy a wall shelf (for the Blu-ray player) while I’m working over the weekend so that we can book our antenna installation, and also have our TV and the shelf wall mounted sometime next week.

Mum is ordering some more skating photos from the skating photographer as one of my Christmas presents. I will start hanging the ones I already have framed on the wall above my bed head sometime over the next week, so that they are out of the way.


Oh, I also made some more Anzac biscuits last night, so I had some awesome snacks today.

See my recipe for Chewy Anzac Biscuits.


Things are starting to come together.


Until next time


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Australia Post. 2014. “Australia Post.” Image. Accessed October 15, 2014.

Hump Day (entry 5)

Happy (late) Hump Day.

I hope yours isn’t as hectic as mine was.

First off, apologies are in order. Sorry I missed posting this on Hump Day, but as you just read, mine was quite busy and stressful.


The magazine feature article for Feature Writing was due yesterday (Thursday), and I also needed to print a 133-page colour document on Wednesday night so that my friend could help me bind it at uni yesterday.

Wednesday’s madness

On Wednesday morning, I wrote a page-long To Do list in my little organising book for uni, so I knew I had to get through a lot. I finished the draft of my magazine feature before starting anything else.

Closing the draft window on my laptop to distance myself from it a bit, I

  • emailed one of my lecturers about a make up tutorial at the end of the semester
  • applied for another casual position that I was invited to apply for and
  • completed Oktoberfest’s online induction

Magazine mayhem

I had been researching for the story I was going to write for some time, but didn’t feel as if I could start writing until I had interviewed a key primary source.

Although I had interviewed my source last Friday morning, I didn’t have time to start writing until this Tuesday, because I moved rooms over the weekend.


My new room.

I had been ringing reputable/notable people to interview as other primary sources across my break week, but to no avail – everyone was on holiday.

I contacted one particular source that my interviewed one put me in contact with, but she isn’t returning from an overseas trip for about a month.

It was also suggested that I try some other people working on the same sort of things, but their phones rang out. So I was pretty much left with one primary source and a fair few reliable secondary sources.

Printing problems

After drafting the story a few times, I printed out a few things for Oktoberfest that I needed to take to the induction last night.


Oktoberfest flyer

I also managed to print the criteria sheets and accompanying information for the story that I needed to submit.

When I came home from skating later that night, I drafted the article for the final time and printed it, adding it to the submission folder.

I began printing my 133-page colour document I needed for the next day, and ate dinner while (I thought it was) printing.


My 133-page colour document.

When I returned to my laptop, I discovered that there had been a printing error, and only around 30 pages had printed.

I soon discovered that my printer had broken. Of course this happened.

And so my boyfriend and I were up until midnight trying to fix it, but to no avail. So I organised for my boyfriend to drive me to uni at around 8am the next morning, instead of getting up at my usual 5am and driving myself.

Skating success

The good news coming out of my Hump Day is that I can now (most of the time) do a forward outside upright and sit spin.

I can’t wait until my coach comes back so that I can show her.


Until next time

Hump Day (entry 4)

Happy Hump Day.

I hope yours is as exciting as mine has been.


This Hump Day was exactly that – a hump. Well, two humps, with a trough in the middle.

Let me explain.

Why my Hump Day started great

I slept in this morning because I am on holidays this week.

I had French toast for lunch (recipe here now).

I got a call to say the curtains I put my name down for yesterday had arrived.

I’m still excited from yesterday when my boyfriend and I bought a queen mattress for when we change rooms this weekend.

Why my Hump Day had an upside down hump

Some not so good news arose from skating training this afternoon. But I’m keeping that under wraps for now – who doesn’t love a good teaser?

You will find out soon enough, I promise.

Why my Hump Day ended fantastically

Like the never-giver-upperer I am, I soldiered on through training despite the bad news.

I worked hard on my freeskating and nailed two new spins and fixed my jump technique. This is big news for me because I have never taken to freeskating – I’m a dance skater.

I also accidentally discovered that I can do an awesome novelty skating move…

…which I’m also going to keep under wraps until I break it out in competition next year, then you will get a video.

But it’s going to remain a surprise to (hopefully) everyone else.

And I just received an Oktoberfest work roster for next weekend.


Until next time

Hump Day (entry 3)

Happy Hump Day.

I hope yours is as yummy as mine is.

Hump Days are always better when they start with chocolate chip pancakes.


Since putting up some recipes and seeing how much you like them, I’ve decided to aim for at least one recipe per week. This means I get to cook every Hump Day (or thereabouts).

This morning it meant that I had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. How good is that start for a Hump Day?


See my recipe for Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

On top of that, after tomorrow’s class and running background feature assessment for Feature Writing, I have my one-week “mid-semester” break. I put mid-semester in quotes because the break is after the tenth week of 13, which is just so the uni’s holidays align with school holidays.

After receiving high marks for my last two pieces of assessment in Feature Writing, I’m feeling more confident now about the background feature than I was at the start of semester.

But this Hump Day isn’t all good news.

I’ve had hip pain for a while, but over the last few months it’s moved into my left hip and has become worse. This poses a problem for my skating training, because after four hours on the floor my hip aches just because.

Sunday was the worst day so far; my hip couldn’t even take the weight of my leg without aching – lifting my left leg, standing on just my left leg with a straight knee, and lifting my left leg to use the clutch in my car all made my hip ache. I do put this down to going to Sky Zone on Saturday, even though trampolining is meant to be a low-impact activity.


I have been to my doctor (and I am going again on Friday) and he said that it seems as if my hamstring is inflamed where it attaches to my hip. But I do get sudden pains in my other joints every now and then, which my doctor said sounds like the early onset of arthritis from the stress that skating puts on my body.

I can understand this, because I go home with bruises and blood under my skin in places after some of my pairs training sessions, so why wouldn’t my joints ache?


But no matter how bad any of my Hump Days are, what better way to end each of them than with skating training?


Until next time


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