Last Year of Uni (Hopefully)

Hello and welcome back. Or should you be welcoming me back?

I took a break from blogging over the Christmas and New Year period so that I could concentrate on projects around the house.

This bird spa area, for example.

Bird spa.

Bird spa.

A few months ago, I noticed finches were nesting in the hedges. After realising that one small feeder that I hung from the clothes line wasn’t enough, I decided to make a bird spa. I finished this a few weeks ago. The new residents love it.

Back to School

This will be my fourth year of a three-year university degree, simply because I decided to split my final year up so that I could work at the same time. This proved an amazing decision, and has helped me save, has seen my partner move in (we’re living by ourselves now), and has helped me begin to put my stamp on the house (see above photo).

Now, I only have one class to complete and two internships to find. Good luck to me.

This semester I will be taking Novel and Memoir, and hopefully secure a place in an internship that a past lecturer has put my name down for.

Next semester I will (again hopefully) find another internship in the publishing industry, after which I will have completed my undergraduate degree. Hooray!

I will keep you posted.

Until next time


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