Embedding videos in my Original Online Story

EDITED: So apparently my videos are working now… again, the magic of technology has left a trail of mystery.

Write and publish an original online story – this was an assessment piece for a journalism class I took this semester at uni. (Read my published story here.)

Of course, as it is an “online” story, we were required to use online story telling elements, like embedding video, tweets, and other graphics.

Fortunately, I found some good videos I wanted to use in my story.

Unfortunately, they were available through news sites and not YouTube, so I had to figure out a way of embedding non-YouTube videos in my blog post.

Some stressful hours later, I finally found a program that would extract videos from a website that was open in your browser.

Although I was able to download the videos, I am using a free Wordpress plan, which does not allow you to upload video files.

So… another problem arises: how do I make the downloaded videos accessible via a link so I can embed them into a blog post via a URL?

Facebook, of course. I uploaded the videos privately on my Facebook page and used those URLs to embed the videos into my blog post. I also captioned the videos, crediting and hyperlinking them to their original sources.

After I returned a few days later to proofread and fact check my story – also checking for any new developments before I published what could be old news – I noticed that the videos were gone from my story. The boxes were still there, along with the captions, but the videos were unavailable to view in the blog post.

I re-embedded them using the same URLs, and they were magically (okay, it has something to do with technology, but magic is close enough) there again.

Unfortunately this has something to do with them being embedded from a private Facebook upload, but I have no idea how to correct the issue. The links to the originals are still accessible, which is a relief, but it is disappointing that the videos don’t remain static, especially since I haven’t removed them from my Facebook page.


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