The Prize Fighter is an amazing production

Talented young boxer, Isa, prepares for the biggest fight of his career. On the line is the national title and the promise of fame and riches beyond his wildest dreams.

What unfolds is a modern-day fable of a Congolese boy orphaned by war and forced to become a child soldier by the people who killed his family.

His powerful left hook offers a new life in Australia, but his greatest obstacle is not his opponent – it’s his past.

Wow. What a hook for a story. Sounds like a blockbuster movie, right?


The Prize Fighter is a gripping, immersive theatre production by Future D. Fidel brought to you by the La Boite Theatre Company and the Brisbane Festival.

From the moment you walk into the theatre, you walk into a gym. For 15 minutes before the show begins, you watch the cast in the middle of their training session, complete with a swinging boxing bag.

But this isn’t your ordinary underdog sporting story. The Prize Fighter is a winding tale of a man haunted by his past and the path the war forced him to walk along.

Travelling through memory and jumping from present to past and back again is not an easy feat in live theatre, but lighting designer David Walters nails the transitions.

Sarah Maunsell who works in the La Boite Theatre Company’s administration says that the time changes are easy to understand because of the lighting.

Bright, yellow lighting when they’re doing the boxing scenes, and then all of a sudden it switches to really light blue lighting, the sound drops, everything goes quiet, and that switches them back.

Sarah Maunsell

Heart-warming and heart-wrenching with lighter sections of comedic relief, this production will transport you to the turbulent water that is Isa (Steve The Killer) Alaki’s mind and leave you speechless, clinging to the edge of your seat.

P.S. Don’t forget the tissues.


“Prize Fighter Trailer”, La Boite Theatre Company


The Prize Fighter is showing until Saturday 26 September at QUT Kelvin Grove’s Roundhouse theatre. Book tickets here.

Note: The production contains haze effects, strobe lighting, violence, sexual references, and adult themes.


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