Leonie Tyle’s Hot Tips on Publishing and Editing

So this week my Writing and Publishing Industry uni class was lucky enough to receive another guest lecture from Leonie Tyle of Tyle&Bateson Publishing.

She spoke about the publishing industry and gave the budding and aspiring authors in the class (all of us) some hints about how to break into the publishing industry as an author.

  1. Write the Book

Although this may be a no brainer, Leonie says publishers are more interested in finished work rather than just an idea. Reassure the publishers you’re pitching to about your ability to write a sustained narrative.

  1. Define you Audience

Clearly set out your target market. Having a solid idea of who you are writing for will refine your writing.

  1. Study the Market

Find out who publishes books like yours and if they are big sellers.

  1. Do your Research

Look at the websites of publishers who are relevant to your target market.

  1. Prepare your Manuscript

Your manuscript needs to be as professionally presented as you can possibly make it. Lay out your ms so that it is easy to read and above all else, follow the guidelines the publishers provides.

  1. When Submitting Your Manuscript

Include a cover letter, a synopsis, and a short autobiography. Leonie says in this age of email submissions, it is all right to submit your ms multiple times to the same publishers, as long as you make this clear in your cover letter.

  1. Wait Patiently and Don’t Give Up

This might be an okay motto for life, but it is a bread-and-butter motto for getting your manuscript published. Leonie says never contact publishers again asking after your ms – this is frustrating and annoying to an extremely busy publisher, and might put them off reading your work.

And always remember that if your story is worth publishing, someone will love it as much as you do.

A successful writer is a writer who never gives up.

Leonie Tyle


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