Writing Prompt #13: Breaking Family

Andrea ran ahead of her parents. They’re on their annual rainforest holiday. Tim and Monica always came here before Andrea, and it seemed fitting that they bring their daughter to their favourite getaway spot.

“Damn it, Andrea, get back here.”

“Tim, calm down. She’s exploring.”

Andrea was too far away to hear her dad’s command.


The crashing and cracking of the forest floor under little feet stopped and was replaced with loud cries. Monica gave Tim a look before she went after her daughter’s laments.

“What? She needs discipline.” Tim huffed and looked around him while Monica sorted out that little brat. It’s what she’s turning into. With her mother’s influence.

“Daddy didn’t mean it, sweetie.” Monica led a shy Andrea back to the path.

“Come here.” Tim crouched down, hands outstretched toward his daughter, who turned and buried her face in Monica’s skirt. A dark look passed over Tim’s face before he took Andrea’s hand from her mother’s.

“Come on. It’s okay.”

“Tim, don’t. She’s upset.”

“I’m her father. She shouldn’t be afraid of me.” Tim clenched his jaw.

“You’re giving her reason to be.” Monica’s voice cracked.

“Oh. I’ll give her reason to be.”


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