Spelling tricks for tricky words, ed. 5


[fahyuh r-ee, fahyuh-ree]


  1. consisting of, attended with, characterised by, or containing fire

Definition from Dictionary.com

Misspelled as: firey

Trick: the ‘e’ does not act like the word’s definition – when met with a ‘y’ it cowardly retreats into safety.


[greyt-fuh l]


  1. warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received; thankful

Definition from Dictionary.com

Misspelled as: greatful

Trick: you will be grateful that you didn’t put the great in grateful.


[hyoo-mer-uh s]


  1. characterised by humour; funny; comical

Definition from Dictionary.com

Misspelled as: humourous

Trick: humour us and use American spelling even in British English.


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