Writing Prompt #9: Rage Quit

Apologies are in order.

I tried my best, but unfortunately I was unable to complete my To Do list last night in the way of preparing this blog post.

Expect today’s writing prompt at 8am AEST tomorrow.

Update September 4, 7:29am AEST.

Today was going well, fantastic even. I had finished digging a small pond in the backyard, and had even managed to fill it, when Anne came home from foraging. She wasn’t overly happy or sad, but seemed content with what she had managed to find today.

“Here,” she said, plopping a bag of mushrooms at my feet.

I looked at it. Was this meant to be dinner for both of us? Mushrooms? I spend all day breaking my back digging a hole in the ground and ferrying water to it with one bucket from the lake a few clicks, and all she does is pick some mushrooms?

“What’s that?” I say.


Of course.

“You couldn’t find a chicken or something?” The bag of mushrooms remains on the ground between us.

“You know I don’t like killing animals.”

“For the love of…” I rise and step toward her, popping the mushrooms in my pocket. “It’s not that hard!”

Her face is blank, unblinking. I hate it when she stares at me. I stride past her and punch the wall. A few stones crumble under my fist.

“Maybe not for you,” she says.

Something boils over in my mind. I march back over to her, grass swishing under my feet, and punch her. She stumbles back, red in the face.

Breathing hard, I save my game, put down the controller, and turn off Minecraft.


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