Birthday Celebrations

You know you had a good birthday when it was on Tuesday and you’re still celebrating on Saturday night.

Overall I’ve had a pretty good week. The down side of work was outweighed by my being paid to do it, and of course my birthday, and university.

On Monday night I took a cake down to my skating club and celebrated with Hannah, my friend who was born two minutes after I was. I was really excited to see people who I haven’t seen in a while because of my injury, especially since I’m used to seeing them at least twice each week.


Six-inch Hagrid figurine.

On Tuesday I woke up with my boyfriend and opened presents from him and his parents. He bought me a six-inch Hagrid, books, and another Pandora charm. His parents bought me a book voucher.

Dad came home from work and I opened his card to me and we hugged each other and tried not to cry.

Paul then left for a job site tour, which followed an interview last week. Unfortunately he got a call during the week and they’re no longer hiring, but yesterday he had an interview at Mum’s work and is going for a medical Tuesday.

After Paul left, I went and spent the morning with my horses.


My pony, Lucky, on the left, and Mum’s horse, Rufnutt.

When I came home, I did a kinesiological stretching DVD courtesy of EasyFlexibility, and then started getting ready for uni.

As I arrived at uni around lunchtime, I doubted whether I would find a park anywhere near my classes, but I had the most amazing parking luck at the expense of someone else. And I ain’t even mad.

On my third visit to a parking lot, I drove in in front of a car who gave way to me before they began another lap to look for a park.

Exit their luck. Enter my luck.

I turned a corner and a girl walked to her car and started the engine. I quickly indicated and reversed to let her out, before driving into her freshly vacated spot. Meanwhile, the courteous driver who let me in just suffer majorly. They continue circled for around 10 minutes post my “taking” their park.

I had a feeling they were glaring at me every time they passed as I was organising my books and leaving. I know I would have.


Beautiful flowers from the boyfriend.

Anyway, after an enjoyable day at uni in my Writing and Publishing Industry class, I headed home in peak-hour traffic, which has lessened considerably thanks to the new Legacy Way tunnel.

I was tired. I was hungry.

And I came home to these flowers.

Thanks to my amazing boyfriend.

He also bought me sushi.

That night, I had my birthday dinner at my grandparents house, with Paul, my mother, aunty, uncle, and great grandmother.

Here’s the amazingly delicious cake Mum bought me.

birthday cake

My amazing mud cake from the Cheesecake Shop.

I also received a ballet class gift card and electric beaters from my aunty, and lots of birthday money to put towards skating from everyone else. Oh, and some more flowers from Mum.



Yesterday I received a card and a cheque from my great uncle. I just keep getting presents!

Last night Paul took me out to dinner and we had a lovely, quiet night together.

He’s my favourite human.

I love spending time with him.

And now I’m preparing for tonight – a movie night with a small group of my close friends to top off a great week.

On the bill: Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2. Homemade popcorn and all.


Preparing for the guests.

So there’s my week. I hope you’ve had a good one, and enjoy your night as well.


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