Online Literary Magazines: People, Relationships, and Skills

So you want to make a literary magazine.

After you’ve answered the questions in my previous post, Online Literary Magazines: From Ideation to Creation, you should consider some more underlying factors, like people, content, and technology.

People, Relationships, and Skills


At first, you might be the only one working on your magazine if you have the necessary design skills. Although you can essentially produce a magazine in a Microsoft Word document, save it as a PDF, and then publish it online, you might want to skill-swap with or employ someone who has design skills to create an interactive, user-friendly document.

For example, you might want to create a clickable contents page, so readers can click on an article listed and be transported straight to the appropriate page, instead of having to navigate the magazine in a linear fashion.

Even if you are the only person creating your magazine, you will still have other people who you are interacting with, directly or indirectly. These could include:

magazine people

Information sourced from Writing and Publishing Industry lecture material Week 5.

Some of these people may fit into several of these categories. For example, you may charge to publish submissions, making contributors fall into the category of funders as well.


Also important to consider is the relationship you hold with the above mentioned people. You should be able to clearly define these relationships so the lines don’t become blurred. If you are working directly with people, set some boundaries or guidelines from the beginning so there is no confusion.

I would also suggest fostering a community around your magazine.

Fostering a community is important for a healthy readership and staff. Photo source.

Fostering a community is important for a healthy readership and staff. Photo source.

Connecting with people and investing time, and possibly money, into building an online and physical community is very important if you want to establish a loyal readership and also a happy staff.


Clearly stating requirements and expectations of staff, contributors, and contractors is of high importance, and these things will differ depending on whether money is involved.

Also important to consider is whether these people are available internally or if you will seek skills externally.

design lightbulb

Designs offer a world of skills and knowledge. Photo source.

You may wish to restrict the skills you use to what is available internally. For example, you may contract or commission a staff member to submit content for each edition.


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