Invitation to join Golden Key

The Golden Key International Honour Society is a worldwide organisation for high-achieving students.

As stated in the letter of invitation I would have received, had the university addressed it correctly.

During the week I received a letter with my address on it, but with someone else’s name.

As I work at Australia Post, I know it is an offence to open another’s mail, so I slipped it back into a post box with “RTS” written on it.

The letter was in fact for me, as I found out through an email of apology on Friday.

Attached to the email was the letter, informing me that my excellent university results had earned me eligibility to join Golden Key.

At first I was confused, as I had never heard of this organisation, but after reading further and visiting their website, I was elated.

Golden Key has been working with Queensland University of Technology since 1996 to recognise and reward high achieving students in the top 15% of their studies and membership is by invitation only.

From the information sheet I received

That it is an honour to be invited to join a society that accepts members via invitation only is an understatement. I cannot describe how proud I am to be recognised as a high-achieving student.

This is a testament to the benefit of dedication and hard work.


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