Posting in high internet traffic times

Search engine optimisation, key words, tweeting your work.

All are strategies to drive readers to your story. But what about posting at high traffic times?

The internet is making a whole lot of noise these days, so why not have your story pop up when your reader is already plugged in?

Gaining your readers' attention over the background noise is tricky. Photo source.

Gaining your readers’ attention over the background noise is tricky. Photo source.

This morning Amy Remeikis explained how she, as Brisbane Times political editor, posted stories, or updates of stories, at certain times throughout the day to target readers who are on the go.

They might be about to fall asleep at night, they might be waiting for a coffee, they might be on a bus.

It doesn’t matter. You’re writing to people now who are on the go. They want information.

Amy Remeikis

Because we have news in our pockets thanks to the invention of the smart phone, readers need to be able to consume and understand news quickly.

Publishing information readers need and want to know in small digestible updates consistently at these high traffic times is a brilliant strategy to grow a loyal readership and gain their trust.

Amy’s reported posting timetable goes a little like this…

  • 7am-9am – morning commute
  • 10:30am – coffee break
  • 12noon – lunch
  • 3:30pm-4pm – afternoon break
  • Peak hour – afternoon commute
  • ~ 10pm – before bedtime

Having these stories or updates consistently available at these times engenders both reliability and trust, which are both extremely important in the world of online journalism.

If you betray the trust under a news masthead in one instance, you have just betrayed the trust in that masthead for good.

That person is always going to remember that you were not right.

Amy Remeikis

Trust is a core pillar of journalism. It is also something that either lasts if you promote it, or falls to pieces.

If you give people a reason to trust you they will trust you until you give them a reason not to, then they will never trust you again.


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