Writing Prompt #3: #blackisbeautiful

“Hey, Blackie!”

I duck my head and walk faster. If my brother were with me, he’d stop and yell out. He’d tell them white fellas off.

“Blackie! What’s wrong?”

I break into a run. I reach the stairs and jump down them two at a time, my sandals slapping against the concrete. Turning the corner when I reach the bottom, I run along the hall and into one of the Oodgeroo Unit‘s computer labs.

“Hey, tidda,” says Merindah.

I sit next to her, leaning back in my chair.

“What’s got you so black in the face?” She bursts out laughing.

I say nothing.

“Hey, lighten up. I’m just gammon.”

I try to smile, but I think I just grimace.

“Those gubbas again?”

I nod, logging into the computer I’m sitting at.

“Don’t think on it, tidda. They’re not comfortable with themselves. Doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable with who you are.”

I successfully smile. Merindah always knows what to say to cheer me up.

Signing into Twitter, I tweet “skin shamed again #blackisbeautiful”, then open that hashtag. Lots of support out there if you know where to find it. Hateful people sometimes bash the hashtag, but they’re shut down almost instantaneously by a whole heap of people who are trying to break the mould.


Aboriginal English words and definitions sourced from here.


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