Uni: Getting into the swing of things

One of the keys to successfully getting through uni without failing is having a routine.

Finding a routine isn’t particularly easy. Depending on how many other commitments you have, you may take a while to figure out a routine that works well for you.

This may mean taking public transport instead of driving so you can get your reading done on the way to uni – that way it’s still fresh in your mind for your class.

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Keeping a schedule is also important for staying on track with your studies.

So while you’re planning when you’re going to have time for everything, make sure you also consider scheduling in when you’re going to study.

Here are some things to consider when fitting your study into your schedule:

  • When will I get my reading done and how long will my reading take?
  • When are all of my assessment items due?
  • How complex are my assessment items and how long will I need to finish each item?
  • Can I break my assessment items into weekly tasks?
  • Do I need to use technology or other resources available on campus to complete my assessment items?

A good way of organising your study is to make use of spreadsheets and to do lists.

Once I have all my assessment information at the beginning of the semester, I make a timetable of when things are due as well as weekly task lists.

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A semester timetable gives me a big picture of when things are due, and a weekly task list helps me manage the smaller details and keeps me on track with completing assessment items.

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So you’ve figured out a routine and study schedule that works for you. Now comes the hard part.

Sticking to your schedule.

Keeping your routine and staying on track with your scheduled study times may be difficult at times and you may have to adapted to changing circumstances throughout the semester, but staying on track is very important to making it through uni without failing.

Stay motivated and keep a clear end goal in mind: passing your subjects.


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