Blogging for Business

Vomit your thoughts online. Get paid to do it.


Curiosity may have killed the cat, but a Curious George journalist can apply their skills to blogging. Photo source.

Maybe not that simple, but blogging for business was the topic of this morning’s lecture, delivered by Styling You‘s Nikki Parkinson.

Styling You is Nikki’s fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog that last month won the Queensland Telstra Business Awards (micro business category).

Read about Nikki's blogging success here.

Nikki winning an award for her blog. Read about her blogging success here.

In her lecture, Nikki discussed the apparently still new concept of making money via blogging.

The first thing that most people say to me when they ask me what do I do and I say that I’m a blogger, they go, “well how do you make money?”.

You wouldn’t ask that to anyone else, but that’s what I get all the time.

And as I learnt, you can make money by blogging in lots of different ways, like through brand ambassadorships, sponsored posts, and selling products, to name a few.

Herein lies the ethical dilemma of disclosure.

The Media Alliance Code of Ethics says

Do your utmost to ensure disclosure of any direct or indirect payment made for interviews, pictures, information, or stories.

Although blogging isn’t news, sponsored posts are, in essence, solicited stories. So I think the code applies as much to bloggers as it does to journalists, as both are operating within the media.

As such, I believe that full disclosure of any sponsorship is necessary for a blogger to maintain credibility among their followers.

Also, as a form of online journalism, blogging has basic news values, as Nikki told us.

She said to create content that:

  • Adds values,
  • Makes a difference,
  • Entertains, and
  • Inspires.

This all makes sense when you really think about it, because where would we be without the valuable, the groundbreaking, the entertaining, or the inspirational?

We certainly wouldn’t have all these wonderful advances in technology that have made blogging such a viable source of revenue!


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