That’s a novel idea

As a lover of reading and writing fiction, I find myself full of “novel ideas” – great ideas for novels, but also novel in that they fizzle out when I try crafting them into a manuscript.

The furthest I have forged into the woods of writing a novel is roughly 20,000 words. I rose daily over the last Christmas holiday period thinking of my writing, and excitedly related the plights of my characters to my partner.

I felt better writing – happier, freer – and I wrote for hours each day, fluctuating between editing and hurriedly typing ideas onto the screen, trying to capture them before they took flight.

Unfortunately, this excitement died down when semester 1 loomed early this year, and I turned my attentions to assessment. However, I used a chapter from this piece for a peer review assessment, which renewed my interest, although not enough for me to continue developing the story.

During the semester, I entered a short story into a competition, which unfortunately didn’t amount to any prize other than my attempting to extend the piece into a longer manuscript. I have been writing this story on and off throughout the last semester, and have – at least for now – left my other piece by the wayside.

In saying that, since I was busy over the mid-year break, I have not looked over this second story for at least two months.

I am instead now turning my attention to a story that has been burning a hole inside my head ever since I first conceived it. This kind of story, I think, takes precedence over any other – I feel I need to tell this story otherwise I might burst.

Considering that, I have resolved to thoroughly planning and laying out this story. I hope that when it comes to writing, I will not have to guess at what is coming next.

Although I love the freedom of writing without a plan – you could go anywhere, do anything – I hope that planning will give me the freedom of telling the story without pause.


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