100th Blog Post

So it’s been a while since I’ve last posted, but I’ve been trying to think of something suitable for my 100th blog post.

Perhaps my winning both of my events at the Queensland State Championships for Artistic Roller Skating over the weekend will be a fitting celebration.


On the podium for Advanced Solo Dance (left) and Advanced Solo Freedance (right). I have cropped the other girls out of the photo for privacy reasons.


I am now the proud 2015 State Champion for Advance Solo Dance and Advanced Solo Freedance, and will be flying down to Adelaide in July to compete in the National Championships.

Monday night was only one night after I skated my freedance and my coach had already changed a footwork section. That’s Nationals for you.

So what else has been happening?

I have been falling more in love with writing and publishing via my Editing and Developing the Manuscript class at uni.

I submitted a short story to Overland’s NUW Fair Australia Prize. Overland is a literary journal, and the Prize is four $5,000 prizes, one prize each for fiction, essays, poetry, and graphics and cartoons.

Although winning one of the $5,000 prizes would be fantastic and would help me with uni, my writing, and skating, submitting work for publication is good practice for a writer trying to break into the publishing industry – I have to start putting my name and my work out there, whether in the form of writing or editing. More on that in my other blog soon.

I have been balancing uni, work, skating, and life quite successfully, especially seeing as though I didn’t have as much assessment as I first thought – more to the point, the assessment that I have hasn’t taken nearly as much time as I first thought.

So I have had a bit more free time than I anticipated, some of which I’ve filled by going to see movies with my partner; our most recent one was the new Avengers movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron, which we saw in 3D in a Gold Class cinema.

Reflecting on my blog goals

My blog has grown out of the box in which I first saw it. Initially, this blog was going to be purely about my experiences as a high-achieving uni student.

After writing for a while, I realised that that involved so much more than just uni – being a successful student involves every aspect of my life outside of university, because getting good grades doesn’t stop when I leave class.

I hope that my posts have inspired or helped you, and that you have enjoyed reading what I have posted, even if you do just come here for the recipes.

I plan on publishing some more uni-centric posts soon, so don’t fret if you’ve been craving some more of those.


Until next time


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