The Sims 4 Simageddon Part 1: In the beginning…

I haven’t played The Sims 4 in a while, and was looking for some fun things to do in the game, instead of just playing out the life of a happy little family.

After reading a blog post on Vexing Point, I decided to be cruel for once.

I enjoy building and furnishing houses, especially ones with a quirky style, so I decided to build a haunted mansion, complete with a graveyard.

04-06-15_7-36 PM-2

The backyard of Spooktastic. Yes, I named the haunted mansion.

Notice the empty graveyard. This needs to be fixed.

Enter the cruelty.

Meet Emerson…

04-06-15_5-04 PM-2

… her son, Addison…

04-06-15_5-01 PM-2

… and his kid sister, Moriah.

04-06-15_5-04 PM

Notice the separate rooms.

What the photos might not convey is the Sims’ lack of access to the rest of the mansion.

Emerson’s survival will be slightly prolonged due to her access to her ensuite in the master bedroom, which will fulfill her bladder and hygiene needs.

04-07-15_6-47 PM

Moriah is having the most fun, as her room is littered with toys that are stimulating her learning and social needs.

04-07-15_6-48 PM

Both Emerson and Moriah also have beds.

Addison, however, might perish first, with only a couch, a desk, and a bookshelf to amuse himself with.

04-07-15_6-46 PMStay tuned for a mansion tour and an update on their survival.


Next: The Sims 4 Simageddon Part 2: Spooktastic, a tour of the mansion


Happy Simming


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