Poster frames too expensive? I have a solution!

I write to you today to share a D.I.Y. craft tip.

Knowing my deep infatuation with Adventure Time, my boyfriend bought me a range of totally math Adventure Time Christmas presents.

One of these was a poster. A poster that I have been meaning to frame and hang on my wall since Christmas.

After cleaning my room today, I wanted to finish some things on my long-term To Do List, so I started researching poster frame prices.

Oh, my glob! Poster frames are expensive!

Oh, my glob!

Oh, my glob!

But I had a bright idea on how to save some money (since I’m a uni student) and I repurposed something I no longer use.

If you, too, are in need of some cash, but want to frame and hang that amazing poster you have, then I have the solution for you!

D.I.Y. Poster Framing

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print


  • a notice board / cork board that is the size of and hangs in the orientation of your poster
  • a stapler
  • a small hammer / sewing hammer (optional)


  1. Lay your poster face down on the ground or on a large work surface.
  2. Place your notice board face down on top of your poster, making sure that you’ve placed it so that your poster will hang the right way up.
  3. Centre the notice board on your poster so that you have equal amounts of overhang on each side. (I only had about half a centimetre of overhang on each side.)
  4. Making sure you don’t move the notice board, fold the overhanging poster over one side of the board. Staple the poster in the middle of the board’s edge to hold it in place. Also staple the poster to each end of the board’s edge so that the poster doesn’t pivot. Gently tap in the staples with a small hammer if necessary. Do this for all four sides.
  5. Add extra staples a few centimetres apart (or closer, depending on how much the poster pops out between each staple) all the way down each side.

Now it’s time to hang and enjoy the poster and your savings!




Until next time


Image sourced from:

knut_knut. 2013. “tumblr_inline_mh7v0yrwAj1qbf3gt.” Image. Accessed February 21, 2015.


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