S.M.A.R.T. Goals: R is for Realistic

R is for Realistic

If you’ve been following this mini blog series from the beginning, then you know where we’re up to, otherwise, catch up here: Keeping a New Year’s Resolution.

If you’re goal is not realistic, it’s not going to happen – simple.

Knuckle down and analyse whether you will actually commit to exercising those 30 minutes each day, or whether you’re more likely to exercise 30 minutes each week.

Being realistic about what you can commit to – don’t lie to yourself when making your goal.


So after making your resolution achievable, you should also determine if it is realistic, or worthwhile, because having a realistic goal is vital to achieving it.

For example, you might decide that fitting into “that great skirt” is not essential to the success of that important work meeting, and that you can’t realistically lose 10kg in two months with that big project your boss just gave you.


  • Is my goal worthwhile?
  • Does my goal meet my needs?
  • Is my goal consistent with any other goals I have?
  • Does my goal fit with my long term plans?
  • Does my goal have to be completed right now?


Next: S.M.A.R.T. Goals: T is for Timely.


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