New Year, New Plans

Happy New Year.

I hope yours was everything you wanted it to be, and that you haven’t already broken your resolutions.

I had a quiet New Year myself – I only lasted to 10:30 on New Year’s Eve. But like the previous two New Years, I spent it the way I wished to spend the rest of the following year, and that was with my boyfriend.

Moving from the sentimental to the spontaneous.

Speaking of my boyfriend – after Christmas, we began planning a fifth anniversary holiday for 2017 in Cairns. This changed a few days after we started planning, when I woke one morning and tried to think of why we couldn’t just go this January. I couldn’t come up with a solid reason, and of course Paul agreed, so we booked flights, five nights of accommodation, and a rental car for the day of our anniversary.

We’re going to Cairns!

Port Douglas

Our spontaneous holiday destination.

Well, Port Douglas, to be exact.


We’re staying in the middle of the village centre.

This will be the first major holiday that we take by ourselves, away from family, without the safety net of them being able to “rescue” us if something bad were to happen. This makes me feel both nervous and excited.

Nervous because this is the farthest I’ve been from family, but excited because Paul and I are embarking on an adventure all by ourselves.

More exciting news


I am a Business as Usual Casual.

Australia Post rang me on Monday afternoon and offered me a continuing casual position.

I accepted.

I am now a proud Business as Usual Casual employee of Australia Post.

I am so comforted by this, because I will now have money coming in instead of just going out.

So study, work, training, and vacation are all balanced for now, which makes me indescribably happy.


Until next time


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