Study Plan

Study plan mind map

I am adding another year onto my three-year Bachelor degree.

Well, not exactly; I’m just breaking my last full-time year into two part-time years.

As I might have already mentioned, 2014 should have been the penultimate year of study in my undergraduate degree. However, while going over my remaining subjects a few months ago, I realised I have five semester one subjects left and only three semester two subjects left, and two of those eight are internship subjects.

Although I’m organised, I don’t think I can physically fit studying four subjects, doing an internship, skating, and (hopefully) working casually or part-time all in one semester. (I worked my last shift at Australia Post a few days before Christmas Day and they will ring me back in the New Year if they are interested in continuing my employment.)

I plan to study three subjects in semester one 2015, two subjects in both semester two 2015 and semester one 2016, and one subject in semester two 2016. Decreasing my study load means that I will be able to work more easily while studying, as well as increase my workload as my study load decreases across the next two years.

This study plan also complements my skating career trajectory, as I am aiming to compete at both the Oceania and World Championships in 2016. And having less subjects means that I have less uni commitments to work skating around.

Remember, the important thing while you’re furthering your study is that you do not have to conform to the normal way of studying, whether this be duration, workload, or what you study. Instead, you should always pay attention to what else is going on in your life and re-evaluate and reshuffle your commitments to suit your individual needs.

Universities usually have guidance and career counsellors available for students to talk to about their study or work commitments, or their life in general; if you need help, never think that you’re alone.

Remember to always look after yourself.


Until next time


Image sourced from:

jono1001. 2012. “Study plan mind map.” Image. Accessed December 31, 2014.


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