Seasons Greetings

Hello and welcome back to my blog.

Apologies for the unannounced holiday – I do not have an excuse, I merely did not write for a time.

Perhaps I could blame it on the lack of a set schedule outside of the university semester, but you and I both know that that is a weak reason.

I will admit it – I was lazy.

But that is not why I’m here; I’m here to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year. May you have a fantastic holiday season.

Christmas tree

I’m also here to catch you up on my goings-on.

A lot has transpired since I last wrote: I received my overall results for the semester; I actually worked for Australia Post; a Portuguese artistic skating world champion told me I have the most beautiful hands; my skating partner retired; I finished reading The Maze Runner series; and, of course Christmas happened.

But of course, not everything happened in that order. Let me start from the beginning.


When my overall semester results were finally visible on Virtual (uni online communications resource), I was over the moon.

Media Design and Layout: 6

Feature Writing: 5

Events and Festivals: 6

And, the achievement of all achievements…

Corporate Writing and Editing: 7.

Semester 2 2014 results

A High Distinction in a subject that the majority of students fail in? I’m happy with that. I’m overjoyed with that. I’m feeling a strong mixture of pride, accomplishment, and determination.

This result has also imbued me with confidence in myself, and it will, of course, play a major role in my future career prospects.

Skating partner

Yes, sadly, my skating partner has ceased being my skating partner.

Losing my skating partner was, and still is, devastating. We had a game plan for Worlds, and had easily made a name for ourselves at Nationals among the Australian judges, which is one of the hardest things to do in skating.

But this sudden break in pairs skating has allowed me to concentrate more on my solo skating, and we are almost completely prepared for this competition year (2015).

Australia Post

I received a call on Friday 21 November.

Positions are available for Christmas Casuals at the Underwood Parcel Facility, can you attend inductions on Monday 24 and Wednesday 26 November?

Yes, short notice, but yes, I accepted.

Working for Australia Post was quite enjoyable. I met a girl who is two years younger than I am, and who also has red hair, blue eyes, and a pale complexion. People asking if we were sisters, related, or if I was Kevin’s (her dad’s) daughter was almost a daily occurrence. (Her dad works at the facility.) She also worked a Saturday when I didn’t and was asked, by someone she doesn’t even know, where her twin was.

Needless to say, this amused us to no end.

Hugo Chapouto

The Portuguese artistic skating world champion.

The Queensland seminar group.

The Queensland seminar group.

I survived an intense three days, from Tuesday 25 November to Thursday 27 November, which included waking at 5am for work, finishing at 3pm, then driving straight to my club’s skating rink for classes and private lessons, and arriving home at 10pm, only to go to bed and start all over again the next day.

Albeit a tight and long daily routine, I enjoyed every minute of it. In a choreography class, Hugo complimented me, saying I had a very beautiful line and the most beautiful hands. To receive praise from a world champion is amazing. He also pulled me out in front of the group to demonstrate how you should move your arm and hand.

The Maze Runner Series

Having seen the movie before reading the book, I was disappointed at how glaringly different the two are.

The Maze Runner Series || Book Review

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, I took longer to get into the book series. I think this was because I kept comparing the book to the movie, as if the movie were the original and the book deviated from the story.

However, after reading The Maze Runner, I understand that some books, as is, do not translate well onto the silver screen. Compared to the movie, I found that the book had a slower pace.

Another setback of watching the movie before reading the book is that you have a preconceived image of characters, settings, and, yes, plot, that detracts from the wonderful experience of imagining the world the author created yourself.

However, I made up for this while reading the next three books, including the two sequels, The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure, and the prequel to the series, The Kill Order. Reading these does make me wonder what will be different in the movies, but at least this time I can watch the movie all smug and say, “That’s not what happened in the book”.


The most magical time of the year… (Cue snowflakes. What? I’m in Queensland? Never mind.)

As I am in Australia, and in time zone GMT+10, today is Boxing Day, meaning, of course, that yesterday was Christmas.

I woke around 5am yesterday, thanks to my body clock having shifted for work. I was (somewhat) nice and waited an hour before waking my boyfriend up properly, at which time we opened our presents to each other. This experience was only dampened by the fact the he was only able to open present 1 of 3, it being the only one having arrived from the glorious eBay.

Getting dressed, we embarked upon the (short) journey down the highway to my house, where Dad, Paul, and I opened more presents. After redoing my nails with nude French tip, among doing other things (like having a second breakfast), Paul and I traversed to my mother’s parents’ house, where we opened more presents and had Christmas lunch.

We both napped, then returned to my home, where we regrouped and began the final leg in our Christmas Trek. Stopping first at his house to feed the animals, we set off to my Dad’s stepparents’ farm, where we met back up with Dad, had Christmas dinner, and played with puppies. Oh, and received another present.

Overall, I think we had a very Merry Christmas, and finished the year (mostly) relaxing.


Until next time


Image sourced from:

Everlyn. 2014. “The Maze Runner Series || Book Review.” Image. Accessed December 26, 2014.


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