Weekly Work Update #9

End week 14.

The week of a make up class and exam.

Because of a public holiday that my lecturer did not account for (along with every other public holiday this semester), I had a make up class on Tuesday, after which the fate of my holiday job was changed. (Find out more in Hump Day (entry 8).)

I had an appointment with a sports physician yesterday (Thursday). Turns out that my hip pain is non-reproducible, so he needs me to have an MRI to see what’s going on in my hip and back. (Also, I have a dodgy back – which I already knew about – that doesn’t bend properly.)

So I’m going in for an MRI next Tuesday, and seeing the physio again next Friday after the results come back.

Assessment that was due this week:

  • an exam for Corporate Writing and Editing.

Assessment that is due next week:

  • the second part of a writing portfolio for Corporate Writing and Editing that I handed in yesterday before my exam.

I handed in my last assessment for the semester yesterday, and then sat my last exam.

This was a proofreading exam, for which I had prepared just as well as I did for the previous Corporate Writing and Editing exam. I took all of the previous years’ tests and found that they were quite easy – you just had to keep an eye out for everything, layout errors included.

I took my time in the exam, because I finished the practice exams in about 20 minutes. I made sure I read through everything first, and only corrected the most obvious mistakes as I was reading through, like layout errors.

The second time I read through the exam (which was a report that we had to proofread), I did a line edit, including spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I know you’re not meant to edit for more than one thing at a time, but with limited time available, I read through quite slowly so I picked up everything in one edit.

I think I did pretty well. I found 45 errors when there was only meant to be about 40 – there are always extra errors than was intended.

Only time will tell – I will post my results when I receive them.

In the meantime, I will be enjoying this long break from uni, and unanticipated break from work.


Until next time


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