Weekly Work Update #8

End week 13.

The last week of the semester.

In regards to university work, this week has been pretty slow. But this is mainly due to the fact that I have already finished every assessment piece for this semester, minus an exam.

I submitted the design portfolio last Friday, one day after receiving feedback on it, and one week before it was due.

I have finished the writing portfolio, but I want to wait until I have the make up class next week for Corporate Writing and Editing, in case my tutor tells the class anything in particular about the assessment. I will probably submit it next Thursday when I go in for my exam.

I handed the magazine feature rewrite in yesterday (Thursday) because it was convenient for me – I had an orientation session for QUT’s Real World Placement Program, which is a student gateway for work experience, internships, and employment.

My boyfriend took me to see Before I Go to Sleep earlier tonight. It was meant to be really scary, being a psychological thriller, but I love Black Swan, so I didn’t think it would be. Turns out that I was right – it wasn’t scary. Well, not what I classify as scary, anyway.


My boyfriend and I saw Before I Go to Sleep tonight.

Assessment that was due this week:

  • a design portfolio for Media Design and Layout that I submitted last Friday; and
  • a magazine feature rewrite for Feature Writing.

Assessment that is due next week:

  • an exam for Corporate Writing and Editing.

Assessment that I’m currently working on:

  • the second part of a writing portfolio for Corporate Writing and Editing that I just need to proofread.

As you might know if you’ve been keeping up with my recent posts, Dad is renovating. Another wall came down this week.


Dad knocked down another wall this week.

He also bought painting equipment and we’re choosing colours with the help of my friend who has recently started a painting apprenticeship.

Dad has also ordered a kitchen from Bunnings, which should be delivered next week.

We’re also tiling everywhere except the bedrooms.


Until next time


Image sourced from:

IMDb. 2014. “Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman and Mark Strong in Before I Go to Sleep (2014).” Image. Accessed October 24, 2014. http://www.imdb.com/media/rm3436560640/tt1726592?ref_=tt_ov_i.


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