Hump Day (entry 7)

Happy (late) Hump Day.

I hope yours kept you as busy as mine did.


A welcome sleep in saw yesterday start off quite slowly, but pick up it did.

I finalised my magazine feature rewrite and printed it, ready for submission today.

I continued drafting the second part of Corporate Writing and Editing’s portfolio.

I caught up with the email Absolute Internship sent in answer of my questioning one, and researched the program further.

I washed the dishes, went out for ingredients, baked cupcakes, went out for more ingredients, and washed the dishes again.

And then I went to my three and a half hour Wednesday night skating training, at the end of which I had my first lesson since my coach came home from Spain.


Apologies for the length, or lack thereof – there will be a more detailed update tomorrow.


Until next time


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