Printing Progress


I have a new printer.


Canon MG7160

Dad drove to Toowoomba and back on Saturday morning to collect this lovely new black printer from the electronics store that his close friend works at. Meanwhile, I was working at Oktoberfest.

I was finally able to set the printer up after coming home late on Sunday afternoon after working at the Festival.


Set up instructions displayed on the touch screen.

The printer is pretty nifty – I printed a photo from my phone to test that capability and it performed quite nicely.


Paper instructions for those unable to read electronic instructions.

But on to more serious printing issues; I was thankfully able to print out the practice exam that I needed to take to class this morning.

Speaking of class this morning (Corporate Writing and Editing) – our tutor told us that she accidentally marked our exams incorrectly, giving us half marks instead of full marks for a particular section.

This means that I might be getting a High Distinction next Tuesday after she recalculates my exam in class. I shall keep you posted.


Until next time.


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