Hump Day (entry 6)

Happy Hump Day.

I hope yours is as satisfying as mine has been.


I have some exciting news.


I’m a Christmas casual for Aus Post!

I received an email earlier confirming that I have passed all the pre-employment checks and will be working at one of Australia Post’s sorting centres over the Christmas holidays.

First Oktoberfest, now Australia Post – I might be able to afford everyone’s Christmas presents.

Hopefully I will also get a call back from Officeworks regarding my application for casual employment – that would be the incredible icing on the cake.

Uni update

I just completed the first draft of the commentary section for my Corporate Writing and Editing portfolio. Now I just need to create the website redesigns in Adobe InDesign at university tomorrow. Hopefully I can power through it and get most of the pages completed before I work Friday to Sunday at Oktoberfest.

My boyfriend is being considered for a job in the packing area at Mum’s work – they need a new staff member. Hopefully he gets a call sometime in the near future.

Printer update

You might remember from last week’s Hump Day post that my printer broke down halfway through printing my 133-page portfolio for another subject.

Good news – Dad’s close family friend is holding a printer for us at an electronics store that he works at. Dad is going to pick it up on Saturday.

New room update

My boyfriend is going to buy a wall shelf (for the Blu-ray player) while I’m working over the weekend so that we can book our antenna installation, and also have our TV and the shelf wall mounted sometime next week.

Mum is ordering some more skating photos from the skating photographer as one of my Christmas presents. I will start hanging the ones I already have framed on the wall above my bed head sometime over the next week, so that they are out of the way.


Oh, I also made some more Anzac biscuits last night, so I had some awesome snacks today.

See my recipe for Chewy Anzac Biscuits.


Things are starting to come together.


Until next time


Image sourced from:

Australia Post. 2014. “Australia Post.” Image. Accessed October 15, 2014.


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