Weekly Work Update #6

End week 11.

It’s been a busy week, and things are just starting to speed up.

I worked all the way to the finish line with my magazine feature for Feature Writing that was due yesterday (Thursday). Apparently all journalists love working a deadline, so I might just have it in me to be one.

I received my mark for the background news feature I wrote for Feature Writing. Find out how I went and read my story here.

I also took a weight off of my shoulders by yesterday handing in another piece of assessment that isn’t due for a week.


I handed in this 133-page assessment piece one week early.

I went to the Oktoberfest staff induction last night, where we sampled the first giant pretzels of the festival.


The first giant pretzels of Oktoberfest Brisbane 2014.

I’m very excited to work at Oktoberfest – it will be my first time, and I hope to work there again next year. My first shift is tomorrow (Saturday).

Assessment that was due this week:

  • a magazine feature article for Feature Writing.

Assessment that is due next week:

  • an event operations portfolio for Event Management that I handed in this week.

Assessment that I’m currently working on:

  • a design portfolio for Media Design and Layout (due week 13) that I just need to receive feedback on next week so that I can finalise, print, and bind it; and
  • the second part of a writing portfolio for Corporate Writing and Editing (due one week after the end of semester) that I have just started.

Assessment that I haven’t started working on yet:

  • an exam for Corporate Writing and Editing in the two-week exam period after the semester finishes.

My room is slowly coming together, although it isn’t quite finished yet.

We also still have to renovate what is now my en suite. I also need to buy a shelf for my DVD/Blu-Ray player and get that mounted on the wall along with my TV. And another antenna port needs to be installed in the roof.

My boyfriend and I are going to see The Equalizer at the movies tonight – can’t wait to relax.


Until next time


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