Hump Day (entry 5)

Happy (late) Hump Day.

I hope yours isn’t as hectic as mine was.

First off, apologies are in order. Sorry I missed posting this on Hump Day, but as you just read, mine was quite busy and stressful.


The magazine feature article for Feature Writing was due yesterday (Thursday), and I also needed to print a 133-page colour document on Wednesday night so that my friend could help me bind it at uni yesterday.

Wednesday’s madness

On Wednesday morning, I wrote a page-long To Do list in my little organising book for uni, so I knew I had to get through a lot. I finished the draft of my magazine feature before starting anything else.

Closing the draft window on my laptop to distance myself from it a bit, I

  • emailed one of my lecturers about a make up tutorial at the end of the semester
  • applied for another casual position that I was invited to apply for and
  • completed Oktoberfest’s online induction

Magazine mayhem

I had been researching for the story I was going to write for some time, but didn’t feel as if I could start writing until I had interviewed a key primary source.

Although I had interviewed my source last Friday morning, I didn’t have time to start writing until this Tuesday, because I moved rooms over the weekend.


My new room.

I had been ringing reputable/notable people to interview as other primary sources across my break week, but to no avail – everyone was on holiday.

I contacted one particular source that my interviewed one put me in contact with, but she isn’t returning from an overseas trip for about a month.

It was also suggested that I try some other people working on the same sort of things, but their phones rang out. So I was pretty much left with one primary source and a fair few reliable secondary sources.

Printing problems

After drafting the story a few times, I printed out a few things for Oktoberfest that I needed to take to the induction last night.


Oktoberfest flyer

I also managed to print the criteria sheets and accompanying information for the story that I needed to submit.

When I came home from skating later that night, I drafted the article for the final time and printed it, adding it to the submission folder.

I began printing my 133-page colour document I needed for the next day, and ate dinner while (I thought it was) printing.


My 133-page colour document.

When I returned to my laptop, I discovered that there had been a printing error, and only around 30 pages had printed.

I soon discovered that my printer had broken. Of course this happened.

And so my boyfriend and I were up until midnight trying to fix it, but to no avail. So I organised for my boyfriend to drive me to uni at around 8am the next morning, instead of getting up at my usual 5am and driving myself.

Skating success

The good news coming out of my Hump Day is that I can now (most of the time) do a forward outside upright and sit spin.

I can’t wait until my coach comes back so that I can show her.


Until next time


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