Hump Day (entry 4)

Happy Hump Day.

I hope yours is as exciting as mine has been.


This Hump Day was exactly that – a hump. Well, two humps, with a trough in the middle.

Let me explain.

Why my Hump Day started great

I slept in this morning because I am on holidays this week.

I had French toast for lunch (recipe here now).

I got a call to say the curtains I put my name down for yesterday had arrived.

I’m still excited from yesterday when my boyfriend and I bought a queen mattress for when we change rooms this weekend.

Why my Hump Day had an upside down hump

Some not so good news arose from skating training this afternoon. But I’m keeping that under wraps for now – who doesn’t love a good teaser?

You will find out soon enough, I promise.

Why my Hump Day ended fantastically

Like the never-giver-upperer I am, I soldiered on through training despite the bad news.

I worked hard on my freeskating and nailed two new spins and fixed my jump technique. This is big news for me because I have never taken to freeskating – I’m a dance skater.

I also accidentally discovered that I can do an awesome novelty skating move…

…which I’m also going to keep under wraps until I break it out in competition next year, then you will get a video.

But it’s going to remain a surprise to (hopefully) everyone else.

And I just received an Oktoberfest work roster for next weekend.


Until next time


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