Weekly Work Update #4

End week 10.

I made chocolate chip banana muffins last night.

I had finished my background feature and eaten dinner and dessert (ice cream and home-made ice magic), and I was waiting for Black Swan to start. The movie didn’t begin for another few hours, so I had some time to kill. Naturally, I decided to bake.


See my recipe for Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins (or Loaf).

I just came back from seeing my doctor about my hip (as I explained in Hump Day (entry 3)). He sent me to have an x-ray, and he also referred me to a local sports medicine physician. Unfortunately, my private health fund (or any private health fund) does not cover that particular physician, but I will get a Medicare rebate. I might book an appointment next week, since I’m on holidays.

My boyfriend and I will be looking at queen mattresses next week, in preparation of our renovations; dad is knocking out the wall and cupboards between my current room and the music room, which is next to my room, to make a master bedroom for himself, and I am moving up into his room.

My boyfriend and I bought a queen bed frame last year because we were meant to be renovating then, but unexpected changes in finances set us back in our timeline.


While searching on the internet yesterday, I found Beds Online, an online store that sells bedroom furniture for much lower prices than the major retail stores do. Plus they offer free delivery in certain parts of the country, including where I live.

Long story short, I found a mattress with all the features we want, but for hundreds of dollars less. Win.

I finished almost everything I set myself to do this week. Still on my list is beginning a Baking Tips, Tricks, and Rules of Thumb post series, so watch out for that soon.

Assessment that was due this week:

  • a background feature story for Feature Writing;
  • an idea for a magazine feature article for Feature Writing; and
  • the first part of a writing portfolio for Corporate Writing and Editing (that I handed in last Monday).

Assessment that is due the week after next:

  • the first draft of a magazine feature article for Feature Writing.

Assessment that I’m currently working on:

  • an event operations portfolio for Event Management (due week 12) that is finished;
  • a design portfolio for Media Design and Layout (due week 13) that is almost finished; and
  • a magazine feature story for Feature Writing (due week 11) that I’m still researching.

Assessment that I haven’t started working on yet:

  • the second part of a writing portfolio for Corporate Writing and Editing (due one week after the end of semester) that we don’t have information for yet; and
  • an exam for Corporate Writing and Editing in the two-week exam period after the semester finishes.

Skating is going really well; both pairs and solo.

My coach and I came up with a new game plan for my solo competition that I will keep under wraps for now. Let’s just say I might surprise a few people next year.

This week was my last week of lessons before my coach left for Spain – one of her other skaters, Jess, finally qualified for worlds.

2014 World Art Logo

If you’re interested in watching, the competition is held from September 27 to October 11.

Watch the Artistic Roller Skating World Championships live here.


Until next time


Images sourced from:

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