Hump Day (entry 3)

Happy Hump Day.

I hope yours is as yummy as mine is.

Hump Days are always better when they start with chocolate chip pancakes.


Since putting up some recipes and seeing how much you like them, I’ve decided to aim for at least one recipe per week. This means I get to cook every Hump Day (or thereabouts).

This morning it meant that I had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. How good is that start for a Hump Day?


See my recipe for Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

On top of that, after tomorrow’s class and running background feature assessment for Feature Writing, I have my one-week “mid-semester” break. I put mid-semester in quotes because the break is after the tenth week of 13, which is just so the uni’s holidays align with school holidays.

After receiving high marks for my last two pieces of assessment in Feature Writing, I’m feeling more confident now about the background feature than I was at the start of semester.

But this Hump Day isn’t all good news.

I’ve had hip pain for a while, but over the last few months it’s moved into my left hip and has become worse. This poses a problem for my skating training, because after four hours on the floor my hip aches just because.

Sunday was the worst day so far; my hip couldn’t even take the weight of my leg without aching – lifting my left leg, standing on just my left leg with a straight knee, and lifting my left leg to use the clutch in my car all made my hip ache. I do put this down to going to Sky Zone on Saturday, even though trampolining is meant to be a low-impact activity.


I have been to my doctor (and I am going again on Friday) and he said that it seems as if my hamstring is inflamed where it attaches to my hip. But I do get sudden pains in my other joints every now and then, which my doctor said sounds like the early onset of arthritis from the stress that skating puts on my body.

I can understand this, because I go home with bruises and blood under my skin in places after some of my pairs training sessions, so why wouldn’t my joints ache?


But no matter how bad any of my Hump Days are, what better way to end each of them than with skating training?


Until next time


Image sourced from:

Joint Pain Solutions. 2013. “Hamstring.” Image. Accessed September 24, 2014.


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