Weekly Work Update #3

End week 9.

I went to the dentist late last Friday afternoon expecting to have one of my teeth capped due to its sensitivity. But, as I saw a different dentist, he said there is no reason to cap a tooth if it is just sensitive, so I got out of having any work done, and he cleaned my teeth instead. I still cried; I hate the dentist.

I passed my pairs dance test last Sunday, but I failed my solo dance test by 0.3. But it doesn’t matter – there’s another test in a few month’s time that I’ll be nominating myself for.

Now moving on to the good updates.

I made cupcakes. Cupcakes are always good news. Chocolate icing makes them even better news.


See my recipes for Classic Vanilla Cupcakes and Chocolate Icing.

I finished everything major I set myself to do this week, including submitting my other blog for assessment this morning.

But I do want to maintain the head start I have on my magazine feature article for Feature Writing, so I might do some more research and perhaps start drafting today or over the weekend.

Assessment that was due this week:

  • an in-class exam for Corporate Writing and Editing; and
  • a blog for Media Design and Layout.

Assessment that is due next week:

  • a background feature article for Feature Writing (completed in a three-hour block);
  • a magazine feature article idea for Feature Writing; and
  • a writing portfolio for Corporate Writing and Editing (that I have already submitted).

Assessment that I’m currently working on:

  • an event operations portfolio for Event Management (due week 12) that is finished;
  • a design portfolio for Media Design and Layout (due week 13) that is almost finished; and
  • a magazine feature story for Feature Writing (due week 11) that I’m conducting further research for.

Assessment that I haven’t started on yet:

  • a background feature story for Feature Writing;
  • the second part of a writing portfolio for Corporate Writing and Editing (due one week after the end of semester) that we don’t have information for yet; and
  • an exam for Corporate Writing and Editing in the two-week exam period after the semester has finished.


I taught Star Classes at my skating club last Saturday morning. I usually teach every second week; I’m on a rotating roster with another club member. The last time I taught Star Classes was in 2010, when I was at another skating club. Teaching recently has made me realise all over again how much I love it – I’m organising to start coaching individual skaters soon.

Getting your coaching qualifications is just like having your Learners – a mentor coach must accompany you in the marshalling area at competitions until you’re accredited, and you need to fill out the equivalent of a log book that details your coaching times.

Tomorrow I’m going to Sky Zone, Brisbane’s largest indoor trampoline park, with my boyfriend and some of our friends. It’ll be a welcome break from work, even though I’m tempted to get him to drop me in at uni on the way through so I can work on the designs for my Media Design and Layout portfolio.

Next week is my last week of lessons while my coach is still in the country – one of her other skaters finally qualified for worlds and they’re leaving for Reus, Spain next Friday. But just because my coach isn’t here doesn’t mean I won’t be training. If anything, we need to train harder by ourselves to show her the result of our hard work when she comes back.


Until next time


Image sourced from:

Digi Roller Skating Rink. 2013. “Learn 2 Skate Classes.” Accessed September 19, 2014. http://www.digiskating.com.au/learn-2-skate.


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