Hump Day (entry 2)

Happy Hump Day.

I hope yours is as amusing as mine is.


Reason why this Hump Day is great #1

I spoke about freelancing on my other blog on Monday. As I said in my post, I will be concentrating more on finding freelance work to gain experience with writing and editing, and to build a portfolio of work to supplement my resume.

As I was browsing writing and translation jobs earlier this morning, I found this gem:

WEBghoat-writerI love how people advertise their need for an editor, and make a very obvious mistake in their job title and/or description; it makes their cause all the more desperate. Feel free to giggle for as long as necessary before moving on.

Reason why this Hump Day is great #2

Hump days are even better when you’ve had an exam the previous day, and now have far less stress. Even though I wasn’t stressed about the exam, it’s still nice to have another assessment piece behind me.

WEB20140917_223404The exam was for Corporate Writing and Editing, and is apparently one of the hardest exams in the entire university. The exam comprises three sections: grammar, style, and miscellaneous (usually punctuation, sentence types, and Latin roots). The grammar section is worth 30 marks, the style section is worth 50 marks, and the miscellaneous section is worth 20 marks.

I had a time frame of one hour and 50 minutes, so I ordered the questions and divided the time for each appropriately as follows:

  1. one hour for style;
  2. half an hour for grammar; and
  3. 20 minutes for miscellaneous.

I also gave myself about five minutes of perusal time (because none was allocated) to read the style question and work out how I would rewrite the provided sections of text. Having a plan of action made me very confident that I could finish the exam within the timeframe, which I did.

After finishing the style section within the hour, I moved straight on to the grammar section. I knew I would read over what I wrote at the end if I had the time – my priority was to finish every question so I had a higher chance of receiving as many marks as possible.

The grammar section had about six or seven paragraphs that included errors of grammar. The number of errors in each paragraph were provided. I read each paragraph and most of the errors jumped off of the page at me, so I was confident that I had identified the right errors. I missed finding some errors in a few paragraphs, but I just moved on and returned once I had finished the section, which helped me stay calm. This also helped me find the missing errors, because I wasn’t desensitising myself by reading one thing over and over. I finished identifying all the errors in the grammar section within my designated 30 minutes, and with every answer but one obvious to me, I felt quite confident.

WEBpractice-examMoving on to the miscellaneous section: I went through the punctuation first, as this was the longest part and therefore contained the most marks. This part was easy, as I am comfortable and confident with punctuation. Next was to identify what types of sentences the provided song lyrics were (simple, complex, compound, or compound-complex). Since the exam was open book, I looked over my notes and checked the answers to the practice tests to help me.

Last was the Latin roots section, where I had to identify the Latin root of the underlined word and provide the root word and its meaning. Again, since the exam was open book, I consulted the Latin roots print out that the unit coordinator posted on Blackboard (uni communications web site) at the start of the semester.

After I had written down the last answer, I relaxed and let out a deep breath. I then read over the style section and changed a few things I had written to improve clarity. If you’re interested, this year’s style section was about how to construct your own composting system, including information about constructing a compost bin, adding thin brown and green layers, and what not to compost for health reasons.

Needless to say that the drive home after the exam was fantastic.

Reason why this Hump Day is great #3

I received a call back for another Christmas Casuals job I applied for last week.

This position is working as a retail assistant in a textbook/school supplies shop over the back-to-school period. I must be getting better at talking myself up in my cover letter (or people just need staff), because this is the third job offer I’ve received in three days.

This was a new experience for me, as it was my first time turning down a job offer. See my Job Decisions post on my other blog to read more about each of the job offers.


And there is one final reason that makes all my Hump Days worthwhile: skating training.


Until next time


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