Weekly Work Update #2

End week 8.

I have finished all that I set myself to do this week. I just need to buy an Australian Geographic magazine to take into my Feature Writing tutorial next Thursday. Our next piece is a magazine feature article, and we’re going to be talking about submission guidelines and content in relation to specific magazines. I’m also taking in a frankie magazine, because I originally wanted to write for them, but my new idea came out of the story about the Byron Bay man who recently died of a shark bite; hence the AG magazine.

And yes, I will be posting that story here as well when I receive the mark for it. I do have a profile piece I wrote on my skating coach, but I need to ask her permission before posting that.

Assessment that was due this week:

  • an in-class personal column for Feature Writing.

Assessment that is due next week:

  • a blog for Media Design and Layout; and
  • an in-class exam for Corporate Writing and Editing.

Assessment that I’m currently working on:

  • an event operations portfolio for Event Management (due week 12) that is finished;
  • a blog for Media Design and Layout (due week 9) that is finished, but I keep adding to it;
  • a design portfolio for the same subject (due week 13) that is almost finished;
  • the first part of a writing portfolio for Corporate Writing and Editing (due week 10) that is finished, printed, and ready to submit; and
  • a magazine feature story for Feature Writing (due week 11) that I’m now finding sources for.

Assessment that I haven’t started on yet:

  • a background feature story for Feature Writing (completed within a three-hour block in week 10);
  • the second part of a writing portfolio for Corporate Writing and Editing (due one week after the end of semester) that we don’t have information for yet; and
  • an exam for Corporate Writing and Editing in the two-week exam period after the semester has finished.

I have my dance test this Sunday for skating, which I’m very confident about, although I missed training and my private lesson Wednesday night. As I discussed in my first Hump Day post, I had a job interview for Oktoberfest, which went…


I am working at Brisbane’s Oktoberfest at the RNA Showgrounds in… that’s right, October.


Also discussed in my first Hump Day post, my boyfriend, Paul, was meant to take me to have pancakes this morning to celebrate my success in securing a position at Oktoberfest. Unfortunately, we had to stay home to wait for a delivery (because no time of arrival was supplied), but he did take me out last night to see the fifth movie in the Step Up franchise: Step Up All In.


Yes, the movie does live up to its reputation of being more awesome than its predecessors. What I like most about this one is the themes that it discusses. Step Up All In privileges the side of dance that doesn’t usually make it to the big screen – the failure and the real struggles that all dancers go through to forge a career for themselves, if they ever even achieve this. Yes, the other Step Up movies show montages of the hard work leading up to a big punch ending, but this is different; more real.

Step Up All In beautifully explores the rejection of being a dancer, what people sacrifice if they madly love what they do, and how you can easily lose your way in a commercial world if you forget why you started in the first place. Apart from showcasing amazing dancers, I feel the movie highlights how dedicated you really have to be to become a professional dancer.

The movie also made me realise how much more I have fallen in love with skating over the last few years; the harder it gets (both the technical and financial sides), the more determined to succeed I become. And I felt more uncomfortable than I thought I would when I missed training on Wednesday. I just love everything about it – the early mornings, the long drives, the blisters. Yes, I love having sore feet, because it means I’ve been working hard. But you can always work harder. Always.


Until next time


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