The Sims 4: A Well-deserved Break (Part 1)

My body clock wakes me after only seven hours of sleep. I lie in bed, listening to the calming, rhythmic tick tock of my awesome new clock I received for my 21st birthday a few weeks ago.

I finally decide to get out of bed, have a Berocca, and start on the practice exam for Corporate Writing and Editing. I blog for a while first, posting Routines v Bad Habits. Maybe I have a bad habit…

I sit at my desk with two slices of fruit toast and set 10 minutes on my phone’s timer for perusal before reading through Question Two of the practice exam. I then set one hour on my phone’s timer and start the question. I finish half an hour later, whereas last time I took 50 minutes. The perusal time really helped; I know what I’m using it for in the real exam in a few weeks.
Since I finished so quickly, I decide to complete Question One as well; the grammar section.

I check over the exam answers and find I did pretty well in the grammar section. I almost achieved a perfect score for the punctuation, Latin roots, and sentence identification sections that I previously completed.

I’m blogging again. For some reason I am putting off playing The Sims 4… perhaps I have recently discovered that I enjoy blogging, or perhaps I am developing a bad habit…

My fingers are getting itchy and The Sims 4 case is staring up at me from next to my laptop. I can faintly hear my name…


Happy Simming


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