The Sims 4: Installing

Sitting down at my desk, I reach for the Sims 4 case. It’s still wrapped in plastic.


Smiling, I dig a painted nail into the dip along the side of the case and rip off a corner of the plastic. I pull the case to my nose and breathe in deeply – the brand new smell of perfect, untouched plastic greets me like an old friend; this is exactly why I buy hard copy games.

I carefully remove the rest of the wrapping, managing for once to keep it in one piece, and set it aside. I crack open the case with a snap and they’re all smiling up at me – eight beautiful sims on disc one, and four beautiful sims on the product registration sheet. I smile back, excited for when I can make my very own.

With a press of a streamlined button, the disc drive pops out of the right side of my laptop. I remove the Sims 3 Into the Future disc and carefully set it aside, then release the Sims 4 Disc 1 from the horrible trappings of its inhumane case and click it into its rightful place. I shut the disc drive and my laptop whirrs responsively.


A wild pop up appears: Steps to Install The Sims 4. I laugh at the ridiculousness – as if I need instructions by this point in my Sims journey. I click Continue and sign in to Origin. After discovering I had changed my password last time and attempting to sign in three times before remembering the new one, I am met with the dreaded road block: a software update. Luckily, I have frankie to occupy my idle hands.


Ooh, this is interesting: a new book. Deeper Water by Jessie Cole.


I open Firefox to Google this newfound wonder. I read the synopsis and decide to use the remaining 19 dollars and some change on my Angus and Robertson gift card to buy this book tomorrow. Unfortunately, it will go at the end of a 23-long line of waiting-to-be-read books.

Huzzah – the Origin software update is T-minus-(almost)-10 seconds to completion. Eight, seven, six, five, three (it skipped cheekily ahead), two, one. I dutifully enter my Product Code, choose the language (I am very disappointed that English US is the only English option), and suck in a deep breath before agreeing to the forever unread terms and conditions, and hitting Install Now…


My breath rushes out and leaves me a hollowed out corpse of a Sims fan when it apparently has an hour and seventeen remaining. But alas, my laptop has underestimated its ability to effectively liaise with my Broadband connection, and soon moves along to halfway… 70 per cent… and I’m still blogging about the process… 80 per cent… still blogging, barely…

Woo – disc two time. I pop out disc one and it is satisfyingly warm. Slotting in disc two, I hit OK, and wait…

My laptop thinks loudly while it races to the end… then starts again… well, at least I’ll get to put all the photos in this blog…

DONG! A pop up in the bottom right tells me that The Sims 4 is ready to play! So why am I still bogging? I’ll see you later.


Happy Simming


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