The Benefit of Organising

In my last post, Group Work, I mentioned that I like to complete assessment a few weeks before they are due (or at least as soon as I can possibly finish them).

I do this so I:

  • don’t stress;
  • have plenty of editing time; and
  • can ask questions about anything way before I need the answer.

I also lead a busy life, so getting things done ahead of time is essential.

Different people use different organisation strategies. Personally, I use both macro and micro schedules. As soon as the unit coordinators at uni post assessment information on Blackboard (uni communication site) I write a detailed list of what each assessment is, when it is due, and how much it is worth. After this, I create an Excel spreadsheet for the entire semester, which I use as a checklist.


I also add an extra column on the right for anything outside of uni that I need to plan my work around. For example, I crammed heaps of work in Monday to Thursday in week 5, because I needed all Friday and Saturday to cook and prepare for my party.

On top of this, I create weekly checklists so that I can regularly work on every assessment item.


Then, at the start of each week, I will take about 10 to 20 minutes to divide the week’s work up into days.


I also have a diary.

If you haven’t figured out yet, I’m a very visual person. These are strategies that I’ve worked out to make myself comfortable throughout the semester and to keep my stress levels low. And they work.

I highly suggest that you try some or all of these techniques to organise your own study, work, or even life in general, especially if you find yourself struggling to stay on top of things or meet deadlines.

Spending a good hour organising and planning everything before you start can save you major hurdles down the road.


Until next time


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