My name is Amanda. I turned 21 this month (August 2014) and I’m an undergraduate university student at the Queensland University of Technology. I’m studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries, double majoring in creative and professional writing, and journalism. If I continue to study full time I will graduate at the end of 2015.

So far, I have passed each of my units and my GPA to date is 5.667 (7 is the highest). I have always prided myself on achieving as highly as possible in school – and in everything else I do. Don’t get me wrong, I love having fun – you must allow yourself time to relax – I just think education is extremely important.

I want this blog to show people that there are some still out there who take study seriously.

So, what do I do for fun? I have loved reading since I was little, so whenever I find a spare moment I tend to have my nose buried in a book. I’m currently reading Oliver Twist. My boyfriend and I go to the movies regularly, and occasionally go to the drive-in. I’m also a keen baker – I made a salted caramel and chocolate slice, two jumbo chocolate ├ęclairs with cream and strawberries, and a lemon meringue pie for my 21st birthday party.

But my main passion is Artistic Roller Skating. I started when I was six, had a break through most of high school and started again in 2010, when I was 15. I have been competing at a state and national level ever since.

I think that covers most of what you need to know about me for now – I’m sure you’ll uncover particulars about my personality through my writing.


Until next time

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