About Me

Edited 6 September 2017
Amanda: a representation.

I’m studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries at the Queensland University of Technology, double majoring in creative and professional writing, and journalism. I am in my second-last year of full-time study, but I’m considering stretching my last year out over two if I can’t find summer internships, or if I decide to work over the summer instead.

I have recently graduated with Distinction! One goal, check.

My dream job is a publicist working with fiction novels. Falling short of that, I would love to work with books, whether in a publishing house or in a book shop. Studying at QUT is helping me reach my career goal, as I have the opportunity to undertake internships throughout my degree.

I am now looking for opportunities to set me on the path to achieving my dream of working in a publishing house.

Internships in the publishing or journalism industry will provide me with valuable experience that I can take into an entry position after I graduate. I hope that I will start in publishing, but journalism is a good starting point.

I believe, with hard work, I will reach my career goal and eventually secure my dream job. I am confident, as I am a very dedicated and highly motivated individual. I always strive to achieve my very best in everything I do, and I do not give up when I am halfway there.

Since I was six years old, I have competed in Artistic Roller Skating. My dream is to compete in at least one World Championships. I have competed at a state and national level since 2010, and my partner and I are the 2014 Australian Champions for Preliminary Pairs Dance and Preliminary Pairs Freedance. I am currently training to qualify for the 2016 World Championships in my solo events, and we are aiming to compete in worlds the following year for pairs.

I competed in the 2016 World Championships in Novara, Italy. Another goal, check.
I represented my country as part of a team event, so I am still striving to represent Australia in my solo events.

In short, I don’t give up on my dreams. I will be a publicist and I will compete on the world stage. One day.

Well, like I said, I will compete on the world stage and I did. So the same will be true of becoming a publicist.


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